Henry Hoover is everyone's favourite vacuuming friend!

Henry the Hoover was 1st born in 1981 in the town of Chard, Somerset . He was a healthy bouncing boy who weighed just 6.6Kg. Numatic International were & are his proud parents.

The famous Henry smile combined with super suction & a robust body soon made Henry the vacuum cleaner of choice for contract cleaners across the UK.  

Henry Hoovers have been known to last 20+ years, effectively vacuuming homes, offices & pubs not just in the UK but all around the world.

And best of all the Henry vacuum cleaner is still made where it all started in Chard Somerset!

The Henry 2012 model of Henry Hoover is now green too! I don't meant that he's changed colour (although you can buy Henrys in blue, green & yellow too) he's actually now saving the planet! The new autosave model reduces electricity consumption by a massive 50%!

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Henry vacuum cleaners are used every day in homes, offices, pubs & business not only throughout the UK but across the world. Henry Hoovers & hetty hoovers are the most popular vacuum cleaners ever made in the UK. The popularity of Henry can be blamed on his face & more importantly on the quality of the vacuum cleaner itself. Henry the hoover's motor, parts, body, tools & accessories are fantastically reliable & well made. The suction of Henry hoover & Hetty hoover is the same as they both have the same high powered 1200w motor. The manufacturer of Henry & Hetty Hoover, Numatic International, give a 2 year warranty on all their vacuum cleaners because they know that the vacuums are extremely reliable.
Every Henry the Hoover comes with a full tool kit for vacuuming all types of floors as well as stairs, upholstery & the car.  

HenryHoover.com is where you will find Henry Hoover pictures, videos & all the information you might need in relation to Henry Hoover. If you need a Henry Hoovers parts diagrams or a list of available attachments then look no further

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